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One of the very few remaining Louisville Hardcore bands of today and the only one with the intention of creating a a style of music all the members love, whether it is popular with those around them or not. Simply, it is five goofy kids having the time of their lives playing the music they love and sharing it with others in hopes to open new gateways and possibilities in their scene. The first show this band played as Ganthet was an Adele (I Stand Alone fanzine) Collins benefit*. Since they have played out for two years and will be releasing a demo 7" featuring some of the recordings here and many more songs. Demo to be released this February (2005).

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* Adele has been diagnosed with what is called a pseudo-tumor. A collection of spinal fluidin her head at the base of her brain. This condition causes severe nausea and blood pressure problems and is potentially fatal.
Adele cannot receive treatment from doctors in Kentucky and must go to a specialized clinic in Cleveland, Ohio. She is receiving very little help from her medical insurance. Each month is a struggle to cover costs for medication to alleviate the pressure and quite literally, to keep her alive.
Adele has not been able to work for over two years because of her debilitating condition. She now lives with her parents, who have been forced to mortgage the house to help pay for her treatment. She is in desperate need of financial help.
Send Adele correspondence or make a contribution:
Adele Collins
P.O. Box 321
Buckner, KY